Batfinks – So If You Want

Batfinks – So If You Want


“So If You Want”

Batfinks became part of the Caoutchou family since he contributed the track ‘Shamalaalaa’ for the second Rubber Beats compilation back in ’09. 5 years later we released ‘Bibobleyboo’ on our label and early 2016 he sent us new material for an album named ‘Mosisac’. Later that year we heard the sad news that Ste had passed away.

‘So If You Want’ is the lyrical counterpart of the dark, at times unsettling ‘Mosisac’, and this compilation is a collection of mostly unreleased Batfinks tracks. He had been testing , with ‘lathe cut vinyls’, three albums, Dolly, False Fades and Wasps At Home. His family decided to carry on having a few albums made for his friends, later uploading them to Bandcamp. ‘Suzy Said’ and ‘All the Same’ are on the albums because Ste’ had originally released them on cassettes.

‘So If You Want’ is unmistakably Batfinksesque, but we also discover another side of the multi-faceted artist. We’ve heard him sing before, but never on ten tracks in a row – and on such a serious note. Quirky. Multi-instrumental. Eclectic. Absurd. Touching. Out there. Godspeed, wherever you are.

Many thanks and an incredible amount of respect to Chris for contacting us about these unreleased tracks.

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