the House of Wills – “the house always wins”

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the House of Wills

“”the house always wins””

JV as the House of Wills has become a fixture all their own. Named after a once-crumbling prominent Cleveland building that has reinvented itself again and again, JV has been in a half dozen of your favorite punk bands (Ultra Ultra, RAM ONES, and The Public, to name a few) but their solo project somehow manages to bring even more emotional heft than some of their bands’ hardest bangers. the House of Wills is a powerful project, playing ceaselessly around the region and quickly gaining steam from their two releases in 2020. Much like the ever-changing legendary local landmark, the House Of Wills is something that has existed, and will hopefully continue to exist, even as JV’s rock bands come and go with time. Long live the House of Wills.
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