Jayson Hernandez – Flayte Neo Sur

Jayson Hernandez – Flayte Neo Sur

Jayson Hernandez

“Flayte Neo Sur”

“Flayte Neo Sur” summarizes the methodologies of 10 years of sound composition for performing arts by the composer Jayson Hernández (1992). The main inspiration for this work is the collaboration with five electroacoustic composers: Valentina Aguilera, Ariel Fernández, Matias Alarcón, Antonia Valladares and José Miguel Candela, who, in a featuring capacity, contribute to the composition of the album.

The album comprises 5 pieces, each of which is infused with elements inspired by Granja Sur, multifocality, and the re-signification of a territory that emerged post-dictatorship in Chile, located in the southern outskirts of the capital. Each piece is associated with an aphorism proposed by the composer. The invitation was to improvise in an electroacoustic key and then compose based on this experience, induced through a somatic practice that allowed a connection with the archives and repertoires of the geography.

Inspired by observation and recording, the album seeks to challenge the concept of the periphery from a political perspective. Its primary influences are local artists from the southern area of the capital, such as muralist Oficio Erico and the UFO Group, poet Juan Carreño and the Vlop Cinema Collective. The album also reflects on aesthetic experiences in peripheral territories, particularly in Granja Sur and its surroundings, where the composer gathers local testimonies and symbols as elements that shape the soundscapes of the compositions.

Jayson Hernández
(Santiago, Chile. November 2023)

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