Wild Worm Web – Master Musick Mixtape

Wild Worm Web – Master Musick Mixtape

Wild Worm Web

“Master Musick Mixtape”

The Necrophile Hummingbird netlabel presents Master Musick Mixtape by Wild Worm Web.

“Industrial Hiphop for Underground Music Lovers”

Musick Master Mixtape or Master Musick Mixtape it’s up to you to choose your favorite joke.
Wild Worm Web was first a DJ / sampling project. Next it joined Vivid Tribe Of Psychic. Now it’s a live project with a close vibe but with real instruments and far more love for the Lo-Fi tunes.
The first record which was already half a compilation and the two first EP Born To Be Cannon Fodder & WURMS is still available in free download. This record is the second part of the anthology it includes a compilation of tracks available on various artists compilations. And the two next EP City Of God & PUKE over the world. The last tracks are a remix and its introduction done to illustrate Dr Thomas Stanley Afro Futurism Ode & Jamal Moore Sax. And the very last Akashic Records comes from a record design to help my french ebooks collection to be spread.

Special Guest Aleister Crowley with his Rhapsody : The City Of God.

Dedicated to all the alternative free medias which debunk the capitalist world propaganda.

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