Various Artist – EPOCH

Various Artist – EPOCH

Various Artist


Artists were given the single word ‘EPOCH’ to interpret with whatever audio they deemed appropriate. There were no instructions other than a deadline for contributions.

Releases by Andreas Brüning, Audiomat, Dental Drill Slips, GLOBAL SYSTEMS INTNL., and WarpCensorcan be found elsewhere on the TCFSR bandcamp.

We are pleased to welcome three artists from Burnt Seed Records of Western Australia
Lost Ether

Releases by vacant possession are at vacant possession records and <1

Andreas Brüning, in addition to his solo work, is part of various groups:
Gruppe BASS

Digital releases by Unearth Noise are at
Vinyl and cassettes from

Autistatic releases are at Also, he runs the Zenflesh Records label

Amina is an ambient incarnation of Argentinian creator also known as Dyb

Releases by GLOBAL SYSTEMS INTNL. are on the Hand Canyon Label and also at

EPOCH is the 15th TCFSR Solo Word project, following Twilight, NEW, OLD, Agency, Zucker, Melancholy, Anteontem, Cloister, EARTH, Geräuschkörper, Yellow, Sentience, RUST and AIR.

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