Sascha Müller – Escape EP

Sascha Müller – Escape EP

Sascha Müller

“Escape EP”

Sascha Müller, a German artist, DJ and producer, has crossed stylistic boundaries in his career, venturing into genres from AcidHouse and EBM to Cosmic, Synth and Krautrock. With an extensive discography spanning over three decades, he has released music under his name and various pseudonyms and participated in numerous projects. His impressive discography includes releases on renowned labels such as Universal Music, ZYX Music, Electronic Music Foundation, Teknotika Records (USA), Intrauterin Recordings, Mille Plateaux and Force Inc.

A significant figure in the acid, acid house, hard techno and techno genres, Sascha Müller was recognized on and was nominated for the QUARTZ Electronic Music Awards in 2006. As a DJ, he has appeared at events such as Thunderdome and the Love Parade and has hosted the monthly show ’90s Rave Radio’ on EmsVechteWelle since 2010. In addition to dance music, Sascha Müller is active in music production for screen, film and stage/theatre, with his work having been presented at renowned events such as the Cannes International Film Festival and the International Film Festival Berlin. He has shared his knowledge at institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology and the Floppy Totaal Festival in Amsterdam.