Various artists – Sampler Sampler

Various artists – Sampler Sampler

Various artists

“Sampler Sampler”

A collection of sample-based music

I’m Dr Buoyant bases his practice on live sampling and manipulation. Curating this compilation, he has gathered together like-minded artists working entirely with samples, both musical and non-musical. Despite this commonality, styles vary from ambient to noise, unstructured to composed, with some artists sharing IDBs interest in introducing chance elements into the construction of musical works.

An even more enigmatic loudspeaker which is skilful and elliptical, eerily recurring found tapes. The final impressionistic festival revels in the patina of archive, a goldmine locking the listener in results from motifs recorded from a series of events, knitted into an empathetic structure. Repeating itself, logic of the loop, a contact read of memory, reel-to-reel sounds without memories preserved in time that pan across musique concrète, with flutter, hiss in a series of abstracted tape artists.

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