4774 – Two Tales of a King

4774 – Two Tales of a King


“Two Tales of a King”

4774’s reflections generally produces thoughtfully abrasive, ruefully quiet free improvisation. In Two Tales of a King, their fifth release on Workaholics Heteronymous, 4774 investigate a minimalistic approach to composition and improvisation, by improvising freely within a set of fixed musical parameters. Here is how they describe what they do:

“On the first two tracks, the musical material is restricted to just two notes (played at various pitches). All other parameters (tempo, mode of attack, sequence, variations, etc.) are left free. Tale One focuses on C# – E and exploits only the resources of the instrument(s) and of the instrumentalist(s), while Tale Two focuses on B – D and involves extended techniques and electronics. In Coda, the musical material is even more restricted, to only one note located just between C and C#, again with all other parameters left free.”

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