Miguel Gil


“EROS Y TÁNATOS”: a recording for physically modeled piano and self-oscillator, both processed live. In composing this material, I’ve worked by inducing intermittent liminal sleep states, aiming to generate sustained feedback between music and sleep, or in other words, between my conscious and my musical subconscious.

Throughout the album, the clock ticks slowly in parallel with the music, under the vulnerability of liminal time. Meanwhile, the musical discourse traverses different compositional and improvisatory approaches, where the sound of the piano functions as a collective emotional memory that dialogues with electronics, like magnetic fields interfering with each other. This interaction questions the traditional hierarchical fiction between “main” and ornamental musical material.

The music contained in these pieces flows as an erotic act of life, an unconscious redeemer of the tearing caused by the inevitability of the disappearance of all we know.

Miguel Gil
(Madrid, España/Spain. Abril / April 2024)

In this work Miguel Gil navigates in sounds that come from diverse musical traditions, flowing in waters of diverse colors, guiding them, making them converge and immersing himself into them to interconnect spectral contents and dynamics. The color of the piano is expanded electronically and unfolds and converges again in a refined construction. Just as a material is transparent from the outset, the artist also presents elusive sound figures to the inevitable human mimetic need. In them, distortion at times seems to be an audible being, a séricule as Chion would say, indeterminate, novel, and at other times, a dense veil over a possible instrument played by a mysterious musician. Whatever the case, Gil dominates the structure, at times diachronic like a stroke of Chinese calligraphy and at other times spectrally orchestrated. At other times, the piano notes, in sensitive, tension-filled intervals, impressionistic if you will, can journey into delicately rough spaces through electronic iterations. A music that seems referential to various musical backgrounds, but at the same time timeless and of a richness elaborated from the subtle to the frank gesture thanks to the author’s extensive mastery of sound.

Alejandro Albornoz
PhD in Electroacoustic Music Composition, University of Sheffield.
(Valdivia, Chile. Abril / April 2024)

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