Thuuooom – Uinua




Release date: 07.05.2012
Format: mp3 lp
Length: 6 tracks / 35:47
Genre: ambient

‘Uinua’ is the follow-up to Thuuooom’s 2008 debut ambient album ‘Aava’. As for re:Ep released as Thuoom in 2011, the material comes from his spring’09 sessions for which the starting point was to use sounds found from hard drive only. The material has remained unreleased until now, 3 years later, it’s time for this album to see daylight. The usual Thuuooom drones are here accompanied by more pronounced pulses and even beats as well as more – albeit minimal – melodies than before.

Instruments used on this record: bottles, digital camera (Samsung Digimax A7), electric guitar, glitch, human voice, music box.

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