Paolino Canzoneri – moto verso


Paolino Canzoneri

“moto verso”

If the country is all over the burial culture, Palermo falls in degree zero, an underworld from which it’s clear as it’s impossibile to return, and not only for genetic inability of programmatic “experts”, but also and especially for a local malpractice, an anthropological tare that reveals, on one side of the spectrum the absence of impulses, and on the other side disastrous dynamics of an ache managed power, where the most good which has the scab and where everyone – absolutely everyone – suffer from unexplained elephantiasis of the ego. Paolino Canzoneri, with his Nostress Netlabel, appears as a dysfunctional element in the actual city (and not) context, where it’s possible to track the constitutive elements of the art pour l’art and the few (or a lot) of a job down in the shade, among lines of escape and subversive glare, that seems to flirt with a lopsided sort of ontological anarchism, de facto ever found in all of his productions. Of However, it known , the medium is message. In this sense, his latest work, in the hub of six hypnotic tracks, co-opts the refined (re)discovery of a d’antan sound , with thirdworld fascinatings à la Talking Heads (middle age) and kraut on multiple levels , where the electronic frontier is given a limit, just a little bit ahead of the vanguard. It’s not difficult to came across, while listening, to a multitude referential ranging from Ektroverde to Future Sound Of London, passing trough Kraftwerk and to return at the end, always, to Paolino Canzoneri… A release that once would have said ‘sincere’, regardless of market dynamics (of any market), figuratively out in the month and day (August 15), as he says with a sly tone, “less marketable of the year.” Long live and Nostress.
Gioele Valenti
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