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Paolino Canzoneri


“Brain-Hyperspace” (suite which is the center of the entire work), since the title suggests unexplored places, such as extremely distant in space-time coordinates. Slightly dark ambient atmospheres formed by the massive use of synths alternate with more relaxed parts and sometimes rare soft rhythmic so it’s not a casuality if this suite has been in patnership and associated with a visual performance, visual completion strengthening the impact live. Two uniquely different performance for the musical “suite” Brain-Hyperspace with precious and friendly contribution of Antonio Cusimano, 3112htm in art, as visual artist. First performance at ZetaLab in Palermo March 17, 2011 during the celebrations for ten years of laboratory activities. On March 18, 2011, the second performance at the “PPS//Meetings#7”, a series of events and art exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art Riso (Palazzo Riso) in Palermo.
Luigi Cilento
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