Kev Hopper – Tonka Beano


Kev Hopper

“Tonka Beano”

Linear Obsessional is very excited to present a new album of electronic music from Kev Hopper (Stump, Ticklish, Prescott) created entirely with self-designed virtual machines.

“Tonka Beano” is a delightful exploration of unique sounds, textures and rhythms – a bubbling, effervescent concoction where each track seems to tell a story- sometimes light, sometimes dark, but all within the recognisable sonic spaces that Hopper has made his own.

The download comes with a PDF booklet with detailed notes from Kev plus screenshots of his “machines”.

The physical edition (of 40) comes in a flexible frosted case, with sugar paper inlay, laminated photographic insert, and a random page from “Electric Circuit Diagrams” (1971).

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