weldroid – silicate garden



“silicate garden”

whether working solo or with other collaborators, weldroid shows his mastery of sound design and composition, skillfully blending glassy, swirling pads and scattershot effects. noiseblips and distorted squarewaves recall the golden age of 8-bit gaming, mixed with signature bitcrushed percussion. often enough, these jagged sounds are layered with smooth, gentle atmospheric chords and hauntingly beautiful piano passages. somehow weldroid makes it all work: the fusion of darker, edgy leads, cut-up beats, and steady, slow arpeggios, blurred into crystalline infinity.

the newest weldroid record is a studied contrast between frenetic, aggressive textures and restrained, mellow interludes. the feverish energy from earlier releases is still present, but is now redirected into tightly focused bursts of glitch transmissions with a measured, melodic, thoughtful cadence.
(joshua saddler)