Nortas – Aukštai II

Nortas – Aukštai II


“Aukštai II”

Aũkštai II (“Floors II”) is the second release from the series by Nortas. This record continues to explore the space between thoughts. However, instead of creating sense of isolation in relation with the first record, constant flow of thoughts in “Aukštai II” induces the development of self-awareness shield.

This album has a sense of ashes, coming from the burning memories, which are transformed into shape of soundwaves. The cold vibrations resemble the observation of lonely spaces created around people, a discoloured view of wallmarks around the mist-filled mind corridors. Synthesized echoes reflect the fragile state of collecting the sharp-edged pieces of what once was a functioning soul. The void of waves locks into tunnel of nostalgia, foreshadowing the time once spent but cannot be returned.

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