Baltazar – Abstrakthas

Baltazar – Abstrakthas



“‘Abstrakthas’ by the Cuban artist Baltazár, is a work that was published independently in 2009, and which now
sees the light of a label release for the first time.

A mix between the classical, the digital, music concréte, architecture, voices and endless possibilities, all of
them modulated by infinite reverberations that merge as the tracks develop, with sounds that oscillate in all
directions while delivering an overwhelming listening experience.

In its composition, the album ‘Abstrakthas’ uses the violin as a conductive thread that pulls the different
works of the publication together into a melancholic story that, in some way or another, incites a deep
reflection on the various sounds that are revealed as the work progresses, playing with the mood perception and
delivering a wide range of sensations.

Recorded mostly as independent stereo tracks, which are subsequently superimposed with the purpose of realizing
a maticulous and patient sonic construction, based on the sonic blocks resulting from these recordings,
‘Abstrakthas’ is also the first chapter of the larger work ‘bordermuzak’, which collects all the artist’s
works from 1999 to 2016. It should be noted, however, that ‘bordermuzak’ does not compile the works
chronologically but rather as chapters of a novel written over the years.”

Pablo Guerra Pedroso aka Polwor
(Santiago, Chile. Noviembre / November 2018)

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