!ESC – Drfy

!ESC – Drfy



!Esc Belgrade-born multimedia artist Niña Lazareva.

She showing an affinity towards a wide palette of styles especially related to the electronic underground.

Her formative project Catfish Went Wrong exposed her passion for deep and minimal sounds, growing up with funkier, UK garage-influenced music , while Nanna Delay was more influenced by dub techno and haunting atmospheres which resulted in experimenting with tracks which show stronger emphasis on rhythmical progression and gave birth to her final !ESC where she plunged into the darker underbelly and music depths influenced by the more cavernous side of darkwave and industrial phase.

Sound of !ESC can be described as the sound of ambient techno in its spooky beauty. Droning atmospheres with a sinister and darkly seductive edge permeate the austere and slowly evolving harmonies, driven by subliminal beats.
Waves of ambient textures are engulfed in the sea of ambiences and vocal mantras , resembling an ocean of drowning memories and illusions.
In her tracks there is a reflective and pensive mood, asphyxiated ambience and insistent kick. With a simultaneously spare and detailed, and hypnotic and immersive sound.

!Esc unveils her obscure and delicate charms on her debut release for Secuencias Temporales.

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