Loca Polka – Surrender


Loca Polka



Loca Polka, a Magelang based indie pop band formed in 2017 is finnaly releasing their first single “Surrender”.

Nuri Hapsari (Vocal/bass), Mikael Yudi Priamuda (Guitar), Ginanjar Wahyu Aji (Drum), Christian Agung (Guitar) are trying to combine their personal anxiety for always being underestimated, through the best way they can gather it.

“Surrender” is representing that “I don’t give a fuck.” Feeling for all the absurdity for being clowned and underestimated. “There is nothing right and wrong,just let it go, surrender.” Is all they are trying to say.

The releasing of “surrender” is a warm up move for their EP debut released some time soon at the end of this year.

With the animated video lyrics illustrated and edited by the local young artist Ozie Putra, “Surrender is now available on spotify, iTunes, Dezzer and youtube. Enjoy and see you at the gigs!

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