Drehton – ini

Drehton – ini



Phonocake-Artist Drehton moves the knobs and keys to the next experimental level. With references to trance, IDM, techno and now and then dub, he shapes the sound of a hyperworld: full of jumps, speed, variety, intensity, clear superabundance. This is where the control takes place, this is where the chips glow. Full of details this HiTekk Electronica purrs full of longing in the metropolis of chip design sound.

The 21st century replaces any category concept of ours. The concepts blur and exceed conventions through freer expression. Freed from any category corset, Drehton presents new experiments in tempo, arpeggio & melody, in its very own sound and recognizable style. Partly the stuff is insanely experimental, especially the first tracks. They tempt us to brain explosions that dissolve Koan like. From song 8 it gets a bit straigther.

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