Polwor – Mais

Polwor – Mais



Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel is pleased to present our first 2020 release: “Mais”, EP from Chilean electronic musician Pablo Guerra Pedroso aka Polwor.

“Mais”, Polwor’s new EP, is presented as a field of sound covered with psychedelic textures. An album where the sonic mutation is surprising, a conceptual work comprising a track and three remixes, that passes through a faint subtlety, while generating softness through melodic pads in combination with low and distorted tones, and a fierce stir of sounds seem that seem to be taken from some mad scientist’s laboratory. All this is complemented by a glitch, to the beat of a defined kick, in the characteristic formula of Polwor’s experimental techno.

René Roco‘s remix disfigures the entire main structure, leaving it in a dislocated polyrhythmic sequence, as if it were a digital error, assembling and disarming the track through a clean digital sound. A peculiar creativity that manages to offer a stylistic hybrid from the most innovative tendencies of the modern electronic music scene.

For his part, Ukyo brings “Mais” to delicacy. He uses the pad harmoniously and smoothly, generating an abysmal depth and innovating from the depths of the Deep through a versatile bass line, while syncopating everything and making this track a penetrating and seductive work.

Mika Martini achieves a spectral variation of the entire piece through continuous and independent sonorities, as if they were programs produced by artificial intelligence after their system has collapsed, still working even as it is falling apart. He manages this through a light pulse that moves towards a crisp rhythmic restoration and an ambient texture, as well as through acute perception in relation to percussion. Energizing and full of unexpected mutations, this is a lush and analog sound design.

In short, this work promises a work of ingenuity, invention and creativity in the hands of composers who have managed to deliver emotion, curiosity and topicality with their music, taking creativity to another level. A fusion between the digital and the analog, the new and the classic, under the banner of a brilliant genius.”

Gemelo Malvado
(Santiago, Chile. Enero / January, 2020)

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