Fryvolic Art – Milestones Remastered (2020)

Fryvolic Art – Milestones Remastered (2020)

Fryvolic Art

“Milestones Remastered (2020)”

“Milestones Remastered” is kind of a “Greatest Hits” compilation (total time about 80 minutes) of 15 fixed and remastered tracks (originally released 2002-2019). Album available on BONImedia and Bandcamp (

Fryvolic Art became quite popular using polish vintage DEFIL instruments made in Lubin (1947-2001: Dolnośląska Fabryka Instrumentów Lutniczych w Lubinie) and joining some DEFIL events, like “DEFIL – Memories Factory” exhibition in Lubin or “The Feel of DEFIL” guitar project by BONImedia (4 editions so far).

“Milestones” album is farewell release of Fryvolic Art transforming into new project: Mordor Bistro.

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