MARCELLO MAGLIOCCHI and Matthias Boss – Lying Beneath the Shades of Abyss


“Lying Beneath the Shades of Abyss”

Marcello Magliocchi (drummer / percussionist) and Matthias Boss (violinist), they are two musicians / improvisers who have met and worked together in different artistic projects for a decade, have made several tours in Europe and recordings, their work is directed improvised music / instant compositions, the sense of sound, all possible interactions.
Marcello is an artist born in Italy with a long history and experience, he has brought his sound on tour in Europe and Japan, he has worked with the most significant artists in the world in jazz and improvised music. He is the creator and organizer of international meetings dedicated to improvising musicians (the latest in order of time are Clockstop and Osimu, all aimed at building a free network between artists who practice improvised music in the world).
At this link all the information, biographies and discography.
Matthias Boss is an artist born in Switzerland, lives in the Jura, dedicates himself to social work for asylum seekers, paints, creates sculptures, has worked in the world of theater, plays the violin making a wide range of sounds, intervals and shades with a remarkable sense of space and composition.
At this link all the information, biographies and discography.
Their sound has also taken shape for some years with the Trio 876 together with Jean Michel Van Schouwburg and in collaborations with numerous artists and improvisers on the world scene.
These recordings were made respectively at Marcello’s home in Puglia and during a concert in London.
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