Nicolas Tourney – Sightline

Nicolas Tourney – Sightline

Nicolas Tourney


‘Sightline’ is Nicolas Tourney’s first work on Vulpiano Records. A monumentally beautiful work in drone, not a second wasted in the subtle totality of its being.

Words from the artist:

Nicolas Tourney is a French experimental musician, sound designer, and owner of the label Snow in Water Records. His electronic works concern perception and act of listening, with the use of various drones, strings and experimental devices.

Sightline sounds like a landscape made of ether and a silence sewn on our lips. By using spectral rotation of an audible rendering of the present, of a sound as pure perception of the moment, the “Eye-world” (an open concept) introduces the listener into the kinematic perspective of exile and overflight. Listening makes “l’attente” (waiting) your place in life.

Slightline is less about exposing a sound shock than getting into it and, through perception, seeks the withdrawal the senses. Perspectives crossed above visions that are games of scales.

Between Drone making (Drone: rise beyond the present and the gravity of the bodies) and Soundscape practice (Soundscape: one word calls for another, a sound seeks to surpass itself in silence), Sightline is like a slow walk, when you listen to a glass surface in its resonance. In the distance, the soundscape stretches to infinity from a constantly redefined vanishing point.

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