Andreas Davids – 7 Jahre Vor Der Gegenwart

Andreas Davids – 7 Jahre Vor Der Gegenwart

Andreas Davids

“7 Jahre Vor Der Gegenwart”

Andreas Davids, maybe better known for his electro-industrial project XOTOX, but also as part of the Natura Est dark ambient duo, presents another result of his love for all that is ambient, abstract and not so abstract electronica.

“7 Jahre vor der Gegenwart” invites you to take a ride on an emotional rollercoaster with many ups and downs, epic moments, dark and light sides. From dark ambient and broken structures to technoid rhythms and sequences – everything that can happen within seven years is packed in this outstanding piece of music.

Andreas Davids says: “7 Jahre vor der Gegenwart has especially been created for my live debut with this project. This music has only been played live once and will never be played live again – this makes the release very special and I hope you all enjoy it”.

released March 25, 2020

created in 2019 by Andreas Davids at Separate Room, MTH

mastered by

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