Doctrina Natura – The Cult to the Trimorphic Hécate


Doctrina Natura

“The Cult to the Trimorphic Hécate”

Doctrina Natura

Format: Digital
Release Date: April 13 2020
Cat: ST014

The Doctrina Natura’s project was born at the end of 2017, with the need of experiment with instructive, organic, hypnotic music, a sound intimately linked to nature. Ambient, experimental, slow techno rhythms and the influence of ethnic sounds, is what best captures this project.

This album represents fantasy and mythology through sound. Reading a book is imagining stories through words. In music, those words are transformed into sounds; this is a story to be told through the sounds.
>From the shadows stands, oh Queen of ghosts, Goddess of Sorcery.
Protective of the roads, observer, guardian of the crossroads.
Goddess of the three forms, bearer of keys, maker of light and darkness.
Half goddess, half witch, the moon and fire coexist there.
Guardian of the woods, connoisseur of magical plants, priestess, healer.

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