Torann – Visionnary Soundscapes

Torann – Visionnary Soundscapes


“Visionnary Soundscapes”

Introducing an extraordinary audiovisual experience from the band Torann: a captivating video collection now available on VHS tape, with accompanying cassette and minidisc editions. This unique release delves into the genre-blending realms of dreampunk, noise, and ambient-tech.

Each track transports you through psychic landscapes and distant worlds across the galaxy, crafting a vibrant long journey through space. This is an odyssey of sound and vision, where every image and note weaves together the mysteries of the cosmos and the depths of the human psyche.

Don’t miss this limited edition release, a true collector’s gem for lovers of the obscure and the sublime.

2024 total remix and remaster.
The VHS offers the full experience with extended tracks and remixes.
Cassette and Minidisc offers other versions, sometimes remixed, sometimes edited to a shorter version.

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