Louis Lingg & The Bombs – NXL136 Live At L’AJB

Louis Lingg & The Bombs – NXL136 Live At L'AJB

Louis Lingg & The Bombs

“NXL136 Live At L’AJB”

This is a live performance recorded on 25th november, 2017 at l’AJB Centre culturel Marcel Pagnol in a small french town called Bures Sur Yvette. We played with Pogo Car Crash Control (who are a big band here in France who play festivals like Hellfest and stuff like that) and Toybloid (who are another big band here in France that play big concerts with big bands and stuff.) So it was a pretty exciting event for everyone!

The songs are presented in the order we played them warts and all!

Even after playing over 250 concerts, we’re still not 100% used to big stages, stage monitors and bright lights so it was a bit of an experience for us. The audience was great and people were really enthusiastic. All in all it was a great experience.

Bures sur Yvette is a tiny french town but a suprisingly large amount of cool bands that have rocked the french underground come from there. That’s why the french punk band, Les Dead Boobs, named the town, “The Capital of Punk!”

I recently found the USB key with the concert on and told myself “hey, dude! You gotta mix that shit and put it out!” So I did.

Come see us play in a small bar. That’s the best venue for rock! Big halls are too damn weird! But this album is a cool part of our history! Enjoy!

Recorded live at l’AJB, Bures sur Yvette
Live Sound by Tuff
Mixed by Joshua Hudes
Mastered by Joshua Hudes
Photo by Owen
Design by Arno

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