Absorbed in music for about 20 years, with many solo and collaborative releases, MR.SMiFF is continuing to experiment with various musical forms and styles. He is deeply immersed in observation of feelings, emotions, psychology and behaviors, in constant search of new means of musical expression, through old and new technologies. “5SSENCE”, his debut release on Mahorka, is inspired by the alchemy and recent personal experiences. The music has been influenced by and bears the same name as Neda Ruzheva’s audio-visual-dance performance, for which MR.SMiFF performs the music live. The five pieces follow the alchemical processes and correspond to different elements and senses. Through the use of slow and trippy ambient movements, the composer tries to freeze the time or delay moments indefinitely, with the glitchy twists and surprises interfering as result of unexpected and compressed reactions of the unpredictable interfusion of the “elements” – both in alchemical and psychological aspects.
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