various artist – The World is Over! A-Side

various artist – The World is Over! A-Side

various artist

“The World is Over! A-Side”

A-Side in free download here

What is “The World is Over!” :
An odd audio ordeal ?
Or only a meta compilation about to choose if humanity should Stop or Continue.
Both at the sametime… and perhaps a little more.

The World is Over… or not. Depend of us.
Each contributor was invited to send one track to one side :
A-side to stop the humanity and B-side to continue.
There is a rough logbook to understand better everything about it. Especially to follow the process.
It begun like a free will quest and it end with more or less that result :
Why the both side are balance ?
Perhaps it’s because of the kind of confusion like A-side could be interprete like to Stop to do not change. And be side like to continue to try to change. Or it is really mostly because everyone who could try to change the world will do everything to be fair with the other side, and will do their best to avoid to kill any ennemy despite the consequences for all… And everyone who avoid to change the world will do everything to be unfair with the other side, and will do their best to kill any ennemy despite the consequences for all. Thus we can only change ourself… Do I say Yin-Yang is a symbol of balance ? Well find your own answers this logbook is just the quest of mine.
And please be patient because I need to work it out a little more…
If you want to digg it jump here :

One step more in a longer process…
Also this is the second special volume of Necktar after PIKADON. Necktar is hard to define… but the multidimensional journey begun 20 years ago.

Why The World is Over! pop up in 2020 ?
This was planned since few months, I first talked about it in august, it wandered something like a step to the last Necktar. I’ve been watching a doc about Yoko & John and then I see again that amazing photo of the action of “The War is Over”. And thought something like :
– gasp, since half a siecle ago nothing change, that’s insane. At this time the biggest problem was war, actually it seems to be the world end with global warming but indeed it’s still war : the capitalism war against life (only my opinion). Then I find this detournement idea because a disruptive event is the better way to realise things are not impossible to change. And in any case a little bit of introspection can’t harm anyone. Like any experiment small talk are better, experiment is more relevant. So between the 1st april 2020 to the 17th june, this project have been work out as a work in progress project, to be able to show the change in the playlist and to follow the whole process in real time.

Technical Informations :
Due to the extremely diverse nature of the tracks I tried to change their sound level as little as possible, for a version without any modification, please use the bandcamp page

List of the projects involve in The World is Over! A-Side :
A Symbiotic Experience
Aor Agni
Claire Obscure
Drvg Cvltvre
Escaped Trees
Filmy Ghost
Flesh:On:Steel + evoked response
Gabriel Pereira Spurr
Gestalt OrchestrA
Hari Hardman
Mandible Chatter
L(e) Complex
La 6ème République
La Flore Intestinale
Lieutenant Caramel VersuS PARRHESIA Sound System
Pavel Viry
Peter Hope and The Exploding Mind
Reflex Condition
Sascha Müller
Sorry. For What ?
The Delian Mode
The Wicker Man vs KHΛOMΛN
tone tone
Ubuntu Sound Antisystem
Wild Worm Web
Zaz Zetoun Mind

Official webpage :

Video Art Clips :
Teaser The World is Over!
Easter Eggghost Track

Animated Gif Artwork :

Dedication :
The World is Over! is dedicated to those who never give up in the face of adversity and thus often end up discovering new paths… Even sometimes to manage to exercise their free will.

Thanks :
Thanks to Yoko Ono & John Lennon for creating « The War is Over ! »
Thanks to those who have chosen to help this compilation to come alive,
without being afraid to challenge the dogma of the human race’s survival .
Thanks to all the listeners who will ask themselves this question :
– If I had a choice, would I choose to stop humanity or continue?

The final word is about the Covid-19 pandemic :

After realizing that this is a simple question of will to be able to prevent the climatic cataclysm. “The Wold is Over! If you want it … “. Residing in France, shortly after the first confinement’s end, I said to a friend :
– The confinement exit here reminds me a bit of a hanged man who remove his rope to walk to a quiet place to pee and then returns to hang on himself.

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