Acid Gert vs. Erhalder – 12 Places To Jack (Season Two)


Acid Gert vs. Erhalder

“12 Places To Jack (Season Two)”

The 2nd of four EPs.

/// a word from the crew ///
“bologna jacks is bringing you three more jackers, just because we feel it right now.
three more stops on our world-tour, jersey, helgoland and alcatraz, classic acid with +/- carefully crafted environmental field recordings.
bless, acid gert & erhalder”

The basic tracks for this 4-part album were recorded at the SlackJackerz radio show, februrary 21, 2020.
And the whole live jam, with a bit of editing by erhalder, was replayed MadWasp’s lobit radio The Lowdown.

60 minutes of live jamming with a pomodoro timer set to 5minutes, resulted in 12 sketches. these sketches were arranged and mixed down to 12 original tracks.

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