Acid Gert vs. Erhalder – 12 Places To Jack (Season One)

Acid Gert vs. Erhalder – 12 Places To Jack (Season One)

Acid Gert vs. Erhalder

“12 Places To Jack (Season One)”

Acid Gert is jamming against cancer with the support of erhalder. Everytime some downloads our EP for free, one of my tumors shrinks a little bit. Because I have several tumors, we have split 12 Places to Jack into 4 parts, symbolizing the four wonderful natural seasons but also the progress of my cancer. The more you listen or dance to this first EP you will help me against the newest and smallest tumors. While with the latest EP you help kill the more elderly cells. Nah, just kidding with this esoteric stuff, but now for the real shit:

If you donate some money on Bandcamp, you’ll help me, a not yet 40 years old cancer kid in his final stage to buy some audio equipment he ever wanted, and maybe to build something like a small home studio
Help me live a bit longer and donate the $$$ you saved during the COVID-19 crisis for example because you couldn’t go to parties or bars.

The tracks are taken from a jam by Acid Gert & Erhalder in January 2020. A pomodoro timer, set to 5 minutes provided the basic structure and resulted in a dozen tracks. The tracks were re-arranged, produced and re-edited by erhalder.
A small variation of this live jam by erhalder was played at underground radio station The Lowdown.

This is the first part of a series of four releases. They will each be released a month apart, and always on the 1st.

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