MIOPEC – Wet Desert

MIOPEC – Wet Desert


“Wet Desert”

This album is a real treasure: produced from 2005 to 2010 and distributed via CD in underground networks, it has been finally unearthed ten years later via a Pueblo Nuevo remastered version.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chilean musician and producer Marcelo Peña C. (Miopec, Tobías Alcayota, MKRNI, VAN, among others), “Wet Desert” presents an harmonic experimental blending of digital programming, midi sequences and analog samples. Sounds reminiscing ethnographic recordings mixed with experimentation in rhythms, turning into uncanny soundscapes, are turning points on the album. Complex programming and melodies suggesting psychedelic analog keyboards, are also present a-plenty, as a recurring feature in Miopec‘s extensive musical output.

“Wet Desert” is an intimate, auteur album I’ve been listening to for years. It is also twofold: on the one hand, it sounds very well outdoors, played loud, mostly in isolated landscapes, coming together with the environment. On the other hand, considering Miopec’s experience in production and mixing, it is also a pleasant listening experience with headphones, constantly discovering new sounds and arrangements. A reminder that electronica’s usually dry colors can also present reflective, enlightened, and, mostly, liquid moments.

Jorge Cabieses-Valdes
(Santiago, Chile. Julio / July 2020)
English version by Gerardo Figueroa.

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