Various Artists – EASTERN DEPTHS IV

Various Artists – EASTERN DEPTHS IV

Various Artists


More than four years ago, in 2016, Mahorka released the Eastern Depths Vol.3 compilation, that took us on a dark and trippy electronica adventure through a good part of the deepest depths of the Bulgarian underground electronic music scene. And now, in 2020, EASTERN DEPTHS IV is unleashed onto the world!

This new edition is more omnipresent than ever, presenting most of the active, many iconic Bulgarian electronic producers with tracks exclusively produced/selected for this mesmerizing sonic experience, featuring SuB, Mr.SMiFF, RoboKnob, Markov, U-stók, Hypnos, Scav, Autonomaton, NIANDRAZ & XI-N, Second Body, Cyberian, Dayin, Ivan Shopov, Protuberance, Recidivist, Virtually J, E23N42SF, MBA, MO. (remixed by Second Body), Trohi, Kliment, Erased Memories (remixed by Cinnamint), Mloski, Kanz, Polygon Ring, The Science, Shamanez, Goro, BHE, Warm Aquarelle, Esem.

Released September 20, 2020

Compiled and executed by: Stanislav Genadiev, Ivelin Iliev, Ivo Petrov

Final mastering touches by: Stanislav Genadiev

Artwork by Angel Draganov
using photography by Iavor Kolev

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