King Elizabeth – A State of Mind

King Elizabeth – A State of Mind

King Elizabeth

“A State of Mind”

Following on from his Young Bloods / Beasts EP earlier this month, King Elizabeth is back again with his third LP of the year: A State of Mind. King Elizabeth continues his astonishingly eclectic journey into the nexus of synth music and alternative rock, now with a decidedly neo-psychedelic bent often rooted in a legacy of alternative dance fusions: hazy dirges, ambient techno workouts, hypnotic loops, even transatlantic electro-industrial sounds. Part of the album’s charm is how often it throws the listener despite being a heavily nostalgic evocation of a decade. My pick for stand-out track is the invigorating rhythms of “It’s Polarity”.

Words from the artist:

The inspiration behind the album is the power of the mind and the affects it can have on us.

We all have feelings and thoughts about everything and anything and we can be affected by them in many different ways. We need to remember its the world that’s crazy not us.

As always thank you for listening

~King Elizabeth

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