Only-1 – Corsario Subversivo

Only-1 – Corsario Subversivo


“Corsario Subversivo”

Where discrete sound sequences are amalgamated, where layers of rhythms are juxtaposed, these tracks propose a sonic space of moving textures. Using samples and patterns subjected to accelerated repetitions that provide variations of great spectral richness (rhythm becomes colour), music clearly takes off from a background inhabited by the syncopations of established genres such as hip-hop or techno, to immerse itself in a world rich in structures and textures that go further, while supporting procedures in other known forms such as glitch and noise.

Pueblo Nuevo offer us this powerful opening release for this uncertain 2021, an invitation to a sound journey in times of physical seclusion.

Alejandro Albornoz
Compositor / Composer
(Valdivia, Chile. Enero / January 2021)

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