Information Ghetto – Magnetic Position

Information Ghetto – Magnetic Position

Information Ghetto

“Magnetic Position”

Visual echo of cosmic waves;
the mountains of creativity embracing time;
invite for a lustful dance.

Information Ghetto a.k.a. Clapan is no stranger to the net music scene of the last 20 years. Even more than on the net, he is known for his vinyl records, especially in the techhouse area. And with this sound he is also present on his Phonocake release, but we span a wider range on the album, from melancholic dream-ambient, to blade runner like scene music, IDM electronica, to the title track, which lets us take off in a highly energetic, high-flying, ecstatic way, until we end in 10-minute techno pieces that also contain electronica. Have fun on this journey through the musical world of Information Ghetto.

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