João Reis – Passeio no Parque

João Reis – Passeio no Parque

João Reis

“Passeio no Parque”

If unconventional 2020 had a soundtrack, this album would be a perfect match. Passeio no Parque sounds like a lighthearted invitation made out of levity, but the 15 songs that the album entails, share the same exasperated sound that leaves little or no room for casual.

With an extremely visual hearing, it strikes all five senses. As the first note hits, we are engulfed by the feeling that we are standing on the precipice of something extraordinary. As if a cinematic filter was applied to our daily lives, adding a profound meaning to the most common situation.

Cheat Code: we recommend listening to it with your eyes closed and following – without hesitation – the tour to another dimension that insists on giving us.

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