Runi Graph – For I know that the view of a tree is not subjective


Runi Graph

“For I know that the view of a tree is not subjective”

“I address this to you, to the one who thinks on fake grounds.
I become calmer…
for I know that the view of a tree is not subjective,
Because a tree is a tree.
It cleanses my lungs from the corporate air that you emit.
I sit here, watching the stream of your hunger.
No basis, no center.
You said ‘subjective’,
I said ‘you turn a blind eye’,
You thought ‘he doesn’t get it’
I thought ‘What a painful life when you live it as an alibi’
No progress,
No basis, No Center
No progress,
Just peevishness and hunger.
The level of your assumptions is out of control
You still carry on thinking that I cannot see behind your wall.
You still carry on thinking, You still carry on thinking
The level of your assumptions is out of control.
It’s sky high, It’s sky high,
You’re brilliant.”

Released February 21, 2021

Runi Graph [a.k.a. Mike Blackbeat] is a percussionist and drummer from Greece, working with tribal beats and experimental sounds.

He has collaborated on sessions with the projects Psyche Glyphs, Kostadis, Sodadosa and Bridal Veil.

He is also 1/2 and founding member of HAU, a duo band established by two friends with common concerns in 2012, producing an amalgam of industrial, noise improvisation, techno, analog sound and various other genres that has released the “Brilliant Gospel Alibi” album on DVNTT.

This debut EP was recorded in July 2020
All songs written and performed by Runi Graph
Recorded by Wee, Mixed by Wee and Runi Graph
Tracks 1, 2 mastered by Wee, tracks 3, 4 mastered by John Pratikakis @ Groove Studio

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