Torre di Fine – Torre di Fine

Torre di Fine – Torre di Fine

Torre di Fine

“Torre di Fine”

A romantic, doomed record with a cavernous internal world. It is powered by textures, composed of slowly-gathering layers, and deliberate in its contrasts as clean tones sing through the mist; at once melancholic and warmly soothing. Sombre guitar mantras pool around synths drenched in blue dusk, ushering these thoughts to their resting place.

“Sunflower” Official Video:

Words from the artist:

Torre di Fine is a two-piece band who focuses on alternative music with strong influences from shoegaze, post-rock, slowcore and glitch electronics. Born in 2020 after a late work shift, the entire album has been composed, rehearsed and recorded in a 450sq ft apartment in the midst of a decaying suburban area of north-east Italy.

Stripped-down arrangements, a strong focus on ambience and overall bad mood, this first output hits close to themes of isolation, uneasiness and alexithymia. Beside all these pompous words, Torre di Fine is a way to play music we like in the murkiest way possible.

All tracks composed, arranged and produced by M. Cella & M. Trevisan
All lyrics written by M. Cella

Vocals, guitar and electronics written and played by M. Cella
Bass and additional electronics written and played by M. Trevisan
Additional drum programming on track 4 courtesy of G. De Andrea

Additional keyboard on track 5 courtesy of L. Schiavone
All tracks recorded between January and December 2020 at Rose Park Studios All tracks mixed by M. Cella & M. Trevisan
All tracks mastered by 002 Studios

Released by Winter in Venice (physical and digital) February 2021:

Co-released with Vulpiano Records

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