Various Artists – one hundred *episode 1

Various Artists – one hundred *episode 1
[Insectorama 100-1]

Various Artists

“one hundred *episode 1”

the new release appears on Insectorama.
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Various Artists – one hundred *episode 1

the 100 release on insectorama. we’re celebrating this with a large 83 tracks dubtechno compilation. this is episode 1 of 4 of the compilation with the first 20 tracks. A big thank you to all the artists who made this compilation possible with their wonderful tracks. and of course a huge thank you to everyone who has supported my label over the years. I never thought that there would be the 100 release when I started the label in 2006. and i would also like to thank all artists who have released their music on my label over the years. now lean back and relax and enjoy dubtechno in all its facets and forms. music is the only answer.

01. Pyrmont – Sinking Into It
02. Duchess Of Dub – Dub Ether Dimension
03. Schulz Audio – Perseverance
04. Moodeep – Low Tide
05. Frank Hellmond – Meeting with Kaja
06. Slow Dimension – To the infinite… and back
07. Alexander Bogdanov – Red eye flight
08. Giacomo Pellegrino – Disturbia
09. Adria Duch – got to wait
10. Individu – Endless Sorrow
11. Markus Masuhr – Slow Awakening
12. Jackpot – Highway to Dub
13. C HH ICK – Mr.Ronny
14. SB-SIX – Spheres
15. Nachtaktiv – Laniakea
16. Liuos – Gravimetric Analysis
17. Jor G – Frankie
18. 23.4 – Initial Ratio
19. Eterna – Hysteria Siberiana
20. faKtor.ost – tiefe

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