Dmytro Bobryk – Bucha

Dmytro Bobryk – Bucha
[Insectorama special]

Dmytro Bobryk


This release is an affair of the heart and needs all of your support.

This EP is by Dmytro Bobryk from Bucha by Kyiv in the Ukraine. He and his family had to flee from the Russian invasion in his city and he had to take his family to safety. Every day we all see with horror what is happening in Ukraine. This war against an entire innocent people is so horrible and utterly pointless and we all hope it ends as soon as possible. I’m so sad when I see the war pictures and I’m incredibly proud of the Ukrainian people who are fighting for their freedom and independence.

With this EP I want to support Dmytro Bobryk and his family during this difficult time they are going through and all proceeds go 100% directly to him and his family. Of course, this is only possible with your support and that’s why I ask you to support my project by buying the EP to show that we don’t look the other way and that everyone can help, even with small means.

Thanks for your support.
My heart is with Dmytro, his family and all of Ukraine.

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