Brain factory in Metropolis.
Lofi plough and extended lunch break.
The supervisor bends his head, and bangs.

From Dresden’s electronica underground comes Plutonien and ploughs our brain walls with experimental-beat-heavy lofi art, most of which was produced using Sunvox, which is of course great. Head banging is allowed, even dancing is possible with some of the tunes. The artist of the project Plutonien has a liking for all arts, art history, but also for more or less strange human creations of all kinds. The openness and at the same time strictness associated with this is easy to hear in the tunes. The sounds are not charming at all, more like sitting in the middle of a mechanical clockwork, listening to and watching its production. The big machine is rolling. And it is not soothing but, to put it mildly, revealing.

This is the first time we have re-released a musical work that was already published under Creative Commons before. With a licence that is given and somewhat different from our standard licence.
Basically, a re-release of CC music is possible at any time. In the context of attention islands in media oceans, this somehow also makes additional sense.
It also makes sense from a long-term perspective, because digital releases are much more ephemeral than, for example, records and CDs that are still traded.
>From the time of the beginnings of music publication on the net, almost none of the hundreds of labels are active or accessible any more. is of course a wonderful implementation, especially thanks to Simon von Monotonik, who recognised the potential early on and built the bridge between the netlabels and

The contact to Plutonien was established via Rajko, thanks.

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