Coletivo NSLO and friends – NEWS

Coletivo NSLO and friends – NEWS

Coletivo NSLO and friends


To complement the release of The Foundation Trilogy of albums by Brazilian contemporary classical ensemble Coletivo NSLO

Sururus Perdidos
Rosa dos Ventos

we present this collection of remixes by TCFSR associates, using source material from these albums.

Some contributions are remixes of individual tracks, some have combined samples from a variety of tracks and some have taken sound events from the albums and sculpted them far from the original.

Releases by Andreas Brüning, Gimu, Trixie Delight, Lone Cosmonaut and Dental Drill Slips can be found elsewhere on the TCFSR bandcamp.

Trixie Delight has an album released on dhatūrā records
She also runs the label ‘Trixie Delight For Charity’ raising money for the charity Phone Credit For Refugees And Displaced People

Andreas Brüning in addition to his solo work, is part of various groups:

Gimu has released albums on a variety of labels, his releases are now collected at

Coletivo NSLO present instrumental compositions by Heitor Oliveira, performed by Dario Rodrigues Silva (piano), Gina Arantxa Arbeláez (flute), Renan Simões and Sabrina Souza (guitars).
released October 1, 2021

The Foundation Trilogy was mixed by Fred Garibalde

All remixes were produced by the artist,
except tracks 1,4,5,6, and 7, which were mastered by Dental Drill at The Patisserie.

Album master by Dental Drill for TCFSR.

Cover design by DRILLArt, a composite of original cover art by Flaviana OX

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