Bon-Psy – Cursed Life

Bon-Psy – Cursed Life


“Cursed Life”

On his latest release, Bon-Psy promotes empowerment of the mind, or at the very least, the notion that we all have the ability to control our own negative thoughts.

Cursed Life begins in a bleak state of affairs, murky pianos fill the space whilst a poignant commentary details the mental challenges people face in their adolescence. With this, Bon-Psy sets the scene, and provides insight into his own circumstances growing up.

As the track progresses, we are exposed to a variety of moods and styles. Bon-Psy navigates this gloomy world he has manifested, exploring its depths and finding glimmers of hope intertwined with jazz infused Electronica.

The closing stages of Cursed Life suggest a newfound sense of power. The once disheartening commentary now appears imbued with a fighting spirit, suggesting to the listener that they have the power within themselves to control and appease the mental anguish that plagues them.

“Many times in my life I have felt cursed. On my worst days, the mental anguish of just being a human, and the trials and tribulations associated with it feel like too much of a burden to bear. At some point in our lives we are all destined for a degree of extreme hardship, sadness, depression, anxiety, death or despair, and it can appear at times that as humans we really are cursed in that sense. We find ourselves lost in these states, and digging ourselves out of that hole is a task too big and monstrous to even begin contemplating. But Whilst the world can be daunting and cold beyond measure, you as an individual have the facilities and resources to make your life better. You can get yourself out of those states if you do everything within your power to do so. Take control, move towards a better existence, as there’s something to be said, to know that you’re the sort of creature that can look mortality and catastrophe straight in the eye, and nonetheless, stand up.”

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