Lhas Fawn – Numb Terra

Lhas Fawn – Numb Terra

Lhas Fawn

“Numb Terra”

Lhas Fawn is a new artist to Vulpiano, bringing an intoxicatingly vast palette of tone and noise to a musical dialect recurring throughout the label’s history. There is a sophisticated progression to these drones, pulling in synths and rock instrumentation, with each track trailblazing an utterly distinct character.

When listening, one feels the deep reflectiveness of living in a depopulated area on a cacophonous globe. Whether with hints of Fawn’s home range of Finland or the neo-noir frontiers of the Western US, we see boreal forests and semi-arid plateaus stretch out before us, with nothing but twinkling lights on the distant horizon and a universe of sound emanating psychotropically from a device in our pocket.

Words from the artist:

“The music on this album came about through the months of spring and summer. For a long time i’ve been interested in music that sounds like it has it’s own living ecosystem. The more you listen to it, the more you hear different elements and particles, how they react to each other and co-exists in the beautiful chaos.

I let the sounds linger, build up on them, sometimes destroy them and morph them into different species. An adoration of the bloom, decay and preservation that i see in nature.”

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