ardleg – deux mille vains

ardleg – deux mille vains


“deux mille vains”

Le Colibri Necrophile presents deux mille vains by ardleg “Intemporal noise for digital natives”.

What will be noise for the next generations ?
This is a sort of time capsule like the Voyager Golden Records were…
If zennials fall on this kind of sounds on tiktok or the lastest trendy network what they will understand about the senders ?
How it will change their life ?
Let’s guess…
First, in the right following of the early sound pioneers facing academism, noise is a question : What is the music ?
Next it’s an exclamation like many transgressive artists did : Then fuck off the music !
…So finally perhaps anyone who classifies others under fake categories, standards or norms is… a dumb idiot ?
Hope this Z generation will be receptive to this EP coming from an entity of the X generation.

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