240bpm & Flavour – You Were All Here

240bpm & Flavour – You Were All Here
[ACP 1339]

240bpm & Flavour

“You Were All Here”

Music by Nicola Cruciani – Vincenzo Lardo;
Lyrics by Nicola Cruciani

Nicola Cruciani and Vincenzo Lardo:
Vocals , Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming

Track 3 : Vocals by Chiara Della Monica, Simona Della Monica
and Tommaso Cruciani
Sax by Giuseppe Esposito
Track 5: Vocals by Francesca Longo, Rossella Lauriello
Track 8 : Additional Keyboards: Giovanni Armadoro

Graphics by Nicola Cruciani
Produced by Nicola Cruciani and Vincenzo Lardo
Mix and mastering by Vincenzo Lardo
Recorded between June 2019 and July 2021

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