Invisible Illusion – Electronic Control [LP]

Invisible Illusion – Electronic Control [LP]

Invisible Illusion

“Electronic Control [LP]”

The Necrophile Hummingbird Netlabel presents Electronic Control [LP] by Invisible Illusion.
“Kairological Music for Conditioned People”.

I’m very happy that the second Invisible Illusion is a split with ardleg. Because ardleg is a companion of sound explorations since many years, in the collective KWAY or next in La 6ème République also for Zone fusION despite it’s still not published on the netlabel.
We are no more living in the same town but we try to keep collaborating thru time & space. Like I did with Humanfobia for the first invisible illusion TOHU WA BOHU
I sent the raw improvisation session to ardleg and he created these upgraded tracks listenable on the EP.
And next I reworked a little the raw tracks adding several layers to two of them, reading poetry on another one and that’s the LP.
I prefer called them EP and LP to avoid any order. That one would be before or after is irrelevant. You can listen first one or the other or both at the same time it’s up to you, like for the world : alternatives are better.
Seems that one important point with Invisible Illusion project is to show the result of different development process apply to one source…

About the surface of this album :
I found a plastic turntable cover with the inscription “electronic control”, it was transparent so I thought I would be able to made an interesting artwork cover by taking a shot thru this.
Then I decided to create an accurate music for it. After the quite dark Tohu Wa Bohu I wanted to slowly glide to the light.
That’s why despite it could have been far more on the electronic side actually it sounds very industrial music with a touch of “jazz”, not real jazz more the sort of dark jazz Mecano did on Autoportrait album.

Also the silence within silence has been record for the excellent compilation silence by Camembert Electrique. It’s a slightly different version than the both versions listenable on the LP.

About the depths of this album :

Do you remember ?
The first time you disobeyed to an order, not to something maybe acceptable from a skilled authority but from the kind of authoritarian people without skill, needing hierarchy power to show they are above the other, despite it could be just small team chief
with very little power, the smaller they are the more they need to prove it by being nasty. Do you remember how the struggle for this freedom make you aware of who you are ?
Disobedience is one thing but it’s meaningful only if it leads to autonomy. What a pity if slaves break their iron chains to swap with golden chains.
I will try to talk the less possible about control, because it makes me sick, but it’s the plot of this album.
There is only one song with real lyrics and Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche quotations, most of the music is echoing the feelings grown inside me in the last few years.
So since the covid excuse to build up the electronic control society, situation is awful, it was already the case several years ago : there was the increasing level of state violence, state terrorism and media censorship.
It can still get worst making us our own cops, all that black mirror shit already more than half happens.
If it needs to resume : shock strategy worked perfectly and now as some said there will be no way back without fighting for our rights.
Well this sounds naïve, if you remember the subprime crisis or the looting of Greece, you know that the dices are loaded : states, banks, multinationals create rules that they never really follow.
Corruption is the replication process of capitalism virus. Hand in hand with all kind of mafias. So what ? Solidarity is the antidote.
Perhaps keep a space to think by yourself, act by yourself at your local level, your own way,
keep your dreams alive and don’t feed the nightmare with your hopes. And at some point we may wake up.

All things begun with a little riddim joke came from a french broadcast,165-.html, talking of a kind of CON conspiracy : control, comfort, consumerism… when you dig words in C working in that same objective of freedom annihilation it’s amazing because seems you can always find a new one.
And that’s the way all things end.
Good listen & thanks a lot for the support.
ed end

Video Art Clip
Soon or later here

Special thanks to Elmut Schwartz who helped to change Invisible Illusion’s diapers.

Dedicated to everyone uncontrollable and subversive acting all over the world.

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