Rupert Falsch – Im Zenit / In Gefahr

Rupert Falsch – Im Zenit / In Gefahr

Rupert Falsch

“Im Zenit / In Gefahr”

“An intense opening here to a degree that it reminded me of our old faves Add N To (X). That was before the vocals gave ‘Im Zenit / In Gefahr’ a certain robotic lounge and a charm that meant our heart returned to a normal beat range.

For all that Rupert Falsch really appears to be going for it here, a night-time provocateur with an eye on the dancefloor but something more than that too for there is a relentless spirit to the piece that sees it change its colours a couple of times over its running time.

It stands apart for its incessant frequency and there is currency in such things as it affords the listener a hypnotic hideaway as all other distractions are put in the shade.

The whole effect is quite inorganic as if it had been designed by the machines whose sole purpose is to take over but at the same time the rhythmic qualities meant we were quite consumed in a Malajube (or for that matter Air) kind of way.”

(Kevin of )
released July 5, 2022

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