The Gold Miner’s Tusk – Days in the Hive

The Gold Miner's Tusk – Days in the Hive

The Gold Miner’s Tusk

“Days in the Hive”

A Netlabel Day 2022 Release

The artist invites us into an experience of pure drone and to imagine ourselves perhaps as we might be on an omni-biological level: individuals under the sway of waves of sensual stimulation and response in a Great Link.

Words from the artist:

“Days in the Hive” parts 1 & 2 are the title and concluding tracks from the forthcoming album by The Gold Miner’s Tusk.*

An audio speculation of what human life would be like if lived ‘hive-bound’. Here suspended in the bees’ complex atmosphere of neural extremes, all human perceptions of scent, sound, texture and taste require an adapted form of sensory equilibrium.

*A collaboration between Wood Ship (Keyboards and production) and rakerman (Cello and electric guitar)

Days in the Hive Pt. 1
Apis Mellifera – Only The Females Sting
In The King’s Garden
Days in the Hive Pt. 2

released July 14, 2022

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